The Overkill…

I am tired. I am overwhelmed. I am confused.

I was looking for a direction that I have been blatantly, refused

I had a goal, a plan, a mission to complete my blog

Everything seemed in order, about sixty minutes ago

but by now, my mind is all clog clog clog


I am not sure what went wrong…

as what I sang was a seemingly harmless song


My son had left for his school, hubby was on his daily ride…

The day looked quite and bright

I turned on my Mac, with an intention to write

The air was mild and the house help was on time

I am still looking for a reason I could put the blame on

But have failed to find one, that would eventually rhyme


As I sat to write on my digital paper with the thoughts so frozen

I said to myself…

why not warm it up with something more brazen?

I turned to “social media” to give myself a break

It would be a good change, I thought

I might just get the power fuel that I need

for the content, I anxiously sought


As a logged on, I encountered a barrage

A sluice of videos comprised of the entourage

I began watching them one by one

Carefully, patiently, with or without sound

but missed none


Videos of fast forward food creations,

of crafts DIYs, nail paints and extensions

Videos of remodelling dolls

doing their face, hair, clothes overalls.


Videos of political satire

of how the ‘baba’ of the strongest political family in the country

makes an unfathomable fool of himself

before all sorts of gentry

And thats just the first page, mind you…


Sixty minutes have passed already

Talk about writing, and I am far from ready

I am thinking about the onslaught of content that I just experienced

Recipes I will never cook, dolls I don’t play with anymore

Craft DIYs that I don’t give a shit about

Tearing my old shirts to make bags?? Yeah, why not….

And I wonder…


And I wonder…

why do I let myself get consumed by all of this, everyday?

The pretentious content turns me into its prey

and then, the fall.


I breathe and I decide to log out

I shut the social networks

And fetch a fresh blank page

Over it, I etch my rage


With few pearls of wisdom that I gathered

I pledge to myself

I will not let my mind get consumed and feathered


Just like we have time for friends and time for work

get this right…

and don’t let the temptation lurk!