Dream…but just let it be…?

Dreams of eyes closed

Magnificent, magical, unexposed

In the nights of desire

Comprising of both, ice and fire


They both sustain together

but only in dreams of

eyes closed.


And then you work hard enough

Climb the peaks, oh so tough!

You fight with anyone who stops you

With struggles and little victories

you sew…

your path to success

to realisation of your dreams


And then you reach there…

Life seems just and fair

You got what you were set to get

You saw what you were set to see

You breathed what you were set to breathe


Only to realise

That the lustre and the glitter is all gone

The magnificence, the magic was never there.

It only becomes too real.

And then you think…



some dreams should remain dreams

for the sake of…..magic?

The Overkill…

I am tired. I am overwhelmed. I am confused.

I was looking for a direction that I have been blatantly, refused

I had a goal, a plan, a mission to complete my blog

Everything seemed in order, about sixty minutes ago

but by now, my mind is all clog clog clog


I am not sure what went wrong…

as what I sang was a seemingly harmless song


My son had left for his school, hubby was on his daily ride…

The day looked quite and bright

I turned on my Mac, with an intention to write

The air was mild and the house help was on time

I am still looking for a reason I could put the blame on

But have failed to find one, that would eventually rhyme


As I sat to write on my digital paper with the thoughts so frozen

I said to myself…

why not warm it up with something more brazen?

I turned to “social media” to give myself a break

It would be a good change, I thought

I might just get the power fuel that I need

for the content, I anxiously sought


As a logged on, I encountered a barrage

A sluice of videos comprised of the entourage

I began watching them one by one

Carefully, patiently, with or without sound

but missed none


Videos of fast forward food creations,

of crafts DIYs, nail paints and extensions

Videos of remodelling dolls

doing their face, hair, clothes overalls.


Videos of political satire

of how the ‘baba’ of the strongest political family in the country

makes an unfathomable fool of himself

before all sorts of gentry

And thats just the first page, mind you…


Sixty minutes have passed already

Talk about writing, and I am far from ready

I am thinking about the onslaught of content that I just experienced

Recipes I will never cook, dolls I don’t play with anymore

Craft DIYs that I don’t give a shit about

Tearing my old shirts to make bags?? Yeah, why not….

And I wonder…


And I wonder…

why do I let myself get consumed by all of this, everyday?

The pretentious content turns me into its prey

and then, the fall.


I breathe and I decide to log out

I shut the social networks

And fetch a fresh blank page

Over it, I etch my rage


With few pearls of wisdom that I gathered

I pledge to myself

I will not let my mind get consumed and feathered


Just like we have time for friends and time for work

get this right…

and don’t let the temptation lurk!

Back to “school”…but this time, its supercool!

Hola Amigos!! I am not in Spain physically but my mind has surely wandered off and taken the first flight to reach the famous land of flamenco music, dance, bullfights, fantastic beaches and lots of sunshine. And if you are wondering why, here’s the dope you need…

Somewhere in the October of 2017, I felt an urge. An urge to up my ante. But just like every other marketeer in the world, I had no clue how to do that! Then came November, and I happened to watch few interviews of Jack Ma. For those of us who don’t know about him, he is a Chinese business magnate, an investor, and a philanthropist. And of course, the co-founder and executive chairman of Alibaba Group, a multinational technology conglomerate. As of February 2018, he is one of China‘s richest men as well as one of the wealthiest people in the world. So I guess when he talks, we might as well…listen 🙂

In one of the interviews, I heard him say that “At times it has been like a blind man riding on the back of a blind tiger”. That statement really got me thinking. Haven’t we all felt that at some point in our lives? We don’t know whether we are heading in the right direction, neither are we sure what we are banking on (or riding on, as in Jack Ma’s statement) will take us there…Ambiguity, thy name is life. Certainty is only death (RIP, late Sridevi jee).

So, what do we do…? Do we stop trying? Do we just allow life to happen as it wishes to? I say, embrace the uncertainty. But focus on either what you are “good at” or what you “need” to make yourself stronger.

In December last year I took a hard look at my resume. I was proud to notice that in my career, I had taken up various on-the-job stretch projects, had got my hands on some really cool courses and trainings. I gave myself a pat-on-the-back for implementing quiet a few of my freshly acquired know-how into my work stream as well.

But…..wait a minute!! For past more than twelve years, I had been mentioning ONLY TWO languages stating my proficiency in them!! That struck me like a meteor…

This, I guess, is the most awesome part of being on a sabbatical 🙂 You can finally take a step back and…“THINK”! So, I thought. I shortlisted three languages that I have some basic interest in. German, French and Spanish. Due to the sheer perception of being “criminally difficult” to learn, Japanese and Chinese did not even make it to my consideration set.

I picked “Spanish” because it is so much in the air. If that reason isn’t mundane enough, then I’d say because I love the song “Despacito” and wanted to watch “Coco” in the Spanish version. If you still have an appetite for sillier reasons, then let me give you the most honest ones. Firstly, I found a really good and well reputed school, fairly close to my house. Secondly, and the most important one, they had weekday morning batches!!!

So, voila!

Its been about one and a half months since I have been a student of the oh-so-awesome Spanish language. There is so much that I have discovered and learnt besides the language itself. Can’t wait to share it with you all!

If you have a kid or even know one, who is learning phonics right now, you will understand what they are going through. You are back in school (spanish school this time) once again, struggling with pronouncing “ll” as “y”, “j” as “h”, “v” as “b” and finally, not pronouncing “h” at all because it has been silenced by the Spaniards of the world. As a result, you will become more patient with that young one and would be able to appreciate their learning curve far better than otherwise.

You also tend to broaden your horizon as you learn a great deal about the different cultures of the world. Let me give you a very small example. In Spanish the word gordo means “fat”. Surprisingly, it may also be used to call out one’s loved one, making it an expression of “affection” and “prosperity”. That is so beautiful. Considering that we come from a society where being fat, dark, short, grey haired is all considered questionable, I found this pretty refreshing!

Another example would be the concept of the movie “Coco”. It is based on the Mexican holiday of the Day of the Dead, where Mexican people create altars to remember the dead. They offer food to the dead and pray with incense and marigold flowers. This is quite similar to our hindu tradition (of shradh) and shows how the cultures are different, yet so similar. Fascinating, isn’t it?

Although there are umpteen number of options available by which one could take the lessons online from the comforts of your zone, I would highly recommend a “classroom training”. Why? One, you could meet a phenomenally charming and enthusiastic teacher who will make learning super fun and engaging. That will make you hop into every class and sing the most pleasant “buenos dias”. Two, the fellow students, who may eventually become your friends, may help you understand the concepts much better than you would do alone. Three, of course it gives you a chance to get out of the confines of your space, drive or ride or just walk down to your class, maybe even get a coffee on the way and just feel happy. Well, most of the times at least 🙂 I am lucky to have them all!!

I conclude by saying that EVERY ONE must learn a new language. Any language! You cannot even imagine how fulfilling it is, besides adding to your confidence and charisma. Since a lot of us (including me!) are so fascinated with “return on investment” or ROIs, this will be the best investment of “time, money and effort” that you will make for your personal development and growth. And it applies to everyone, whether you are a homemaker or a mathematician, an architect or a marketing specialist, a businessperson or a student, you can all learn a new language and find it most satisfying.

TIP: while classroom trainings help build the base really well, the additional content available online helps elevate understanding in a great deal. Resources that I am using are youtube videos by “Butterfly Spanish”and “CultureAlley”. I also came across these fun animated videos by “Spanish Lessons Paco”. You can reach out to me by dropping a mail at jvashi1@gmail.com for more information around my experience.

Keep learning! and don’t forget to “FOLLOW” my blogs.

Hasta la vista, baby!!

Maid For Each Other

What is the similarity between a ‘break up with one’s girlfriend or boyfriend’ and the ‘village visit of one’s housemaid’? Well, the ‘emotional journey’, for starters.

Having experienced both these situations multiple number of times, I can state with uber confidence that there is no trauma greater than that of waiting for your housemaid to be back from an unplanned ‘village visit’. My suffering has been in play for the past twenty days (well, almost!) and here’s an account of the stages that one needs to cross to finally make it to where I am right now.

Stage 1: The news is broken to you. Typically these visits are planned but there will be times when your strongest ‘pillar of confidence’ will have to leave due to an unforeseen circumstance. At least as per the information you have been provided with, that’s what you will come to understand. The abruptness of the situation will frustrate you but being the know-it-all manager that you are, you will somehow manage to curb the desire for an outburst. Here’s where one wears the ‘lets be practical’ cap and starts to plan how the days will be organised, sans your biggest support system. I call this stage as the “Big Bang Theory” as a lot of action manifests from here.

Stage 2: This is my favourite stage actually. Here’s where each member of the house is turned into a ‘ninja’ and is designated a certain responsibility while the maid is away. Everyone seeks to please and pledges to sincerely deploy the duties in the hour of need. Families discover the ‘quantum of work’ and secretly start appreciating the housemaid’s contributions even more now. There is joy in coming together and dealing with the new challenges. With great delight, I call this stage as “Orange Is The New Black” time.

Stage 3: The honeymoon period of collectively dealing with housework while singing “ye tera ghar, ye mere ghar….” is kind of over by now. The family members have now put their initiatives and offers to share workload, on a total ‘halt’. The domestic work is being put off due to sudden increase in respective office pressures, school timelines and other deliverables outside of the house. This is the time when the piles of unkept clothes begin to rise. The rhetoric nature of house work is exposed and meaninglessness starts to creep into the daily lives. A lot of introspection happens at this time. The pressure typically increases on the lady of the house (especially if its an Indian household). She begins to see the hand of ‘karma’ in the conspiracy. “Maybe I shouldn’t have given her so much work”, “What if she had tea made in full milk thrice a day….does it really matter? I shouldn’t have watched her like a hawk” and that’s just the tip of the iceberg. I call this stage the “Breaking Bad” time of the trauma. This is muddled with the upcoming of “The Mentalist” zone, as deep investigation kicks in during this testing period. The house lady begins to make multiple phone calls, from various telephone numbers (especially the ones that the housemaid is not expected to know) to get a chance to speak with her.

Stage 4: The “Game Of Thrones” stage is reached by now. A series of presumptions begin to happen. The emotional journey reaches its pinnacle as one starts to feel the pangs of a greater conspiracy, by each passing day, or should I say, by each passing hour? “Did she do it deliberately? Why is she not taking my calls? Has she really gone to her village?” and the biggest fears begin to sow seeds in the mind “Has she been poached by Mrs. XYZ. The lady had been eyeing my maid for ages now!” By now, the phone calls are reduced to the point when they are finally stopped. This is the grey zone of the journey. A feeling of deceit starts to eat up the family members. They pledge never to take the housemaid back into their lives, even when she wants to return. The pledge is sealed via a tattoo on every member’s shoulder and the anthem of oath is sung every single day for the following duration.

Stage 5: By now, the interviews for a new maid have begun to happen. Fresh lists of ‘great expectations’ are prepared and applicants are screened with extreme scrutiny. The shortcomings of the ‘maid on leave’ are kept as a testing criteria. “We will keep no one but the very best” the family decides.

And then comes the ‘call’. With shivering hands, the lady of the house picks up the honking phone and manages to say a subtle, deliberately casual “hello” despite feeling the bile rise in her throat. She hears the six sweetest words of her life. “Didi, I am coming back soon.” All that the lady can manage to say is “okay, sure” and she keeps the phone down. Her hubby looks at her face and asks, “what happened? what did she say?”. The lady gives out a nervous laugh and replies, “you remember that bottle of rose pink champagne that we have been saving up for a rare occasion?” He now knows. “Of course, darling, I will put it in the chiller right away” he says.

Both wipe away the tears of joy from their eyes. This is where the “F.R.I.E.N.D.S” jingle plays. And the bottle is popped open.

Culinary experiments by a ‘non-cook’!

Mostly anyone who knows me, does realise that cooking is rather an ‘event’ for me than a ‘chore’. So much so, that during the early years of my job, when one barely earns enough to feed in to the rentals of the skyscrapers and groceries, I had dared to employ a ‘cook’! As a result, I was saving nothing, was mocked by friends, lectured by family, but all in vain.

Let me share something interesting with you today. Do you recall the picturesque scene of Karan Johar’s ‘Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gham’ where Shah Rukh Khan enters the screen? Well, don’t worry if you can’t. What am I here for, after all 🙂

The royal black swanky helicopter gargles its way through the crisp blue skies reaching the plush greens, amongst which emerges the ‘Raichand’ mansion. Celebrations are in full swing inside the palace cum humble abode. The diamonds encrusted ‘mother’ lights up the traditional lamp that is placed on the giant silver thali. As she progresses to apply sandalwood tilak on the foreheads of the ‘queued with discipline’ family, her intuition jostles her. She knows that ‘he’ is about to come! Outside the house, the tar dipped black shiny shoes crawl out of the helicopter and land on the gravel of the mansion. This is where you and I typically, skip a heartbeat. It is none other than Mr. Shahrukh Khan…

I recall that my family had clearly advised me against whistling in the theatre but here’s where I had to breach that instruction, stand up and whistle with full strength in my lungs till my brother pulled my arm and quietly asked me to sit before my father throws us out. I took his advice, by the way. Anyways, so back to the scene. The private helicopter elevates from the ground and is half in the air when the cinematography reaches its pinnacle with SRK galloping (all in black) with his dangling bag (again, black) towards the mansion. His mother, who has sensed his arrival diverts her steps towards the entrance door, with tearful eyes, but of course.

She marches past the underpaid dancing divas who are oblivious to the ‘sixth sense’ of the mother or to the event, so it seems. Close up on the door; the white swaying curtains. The hush hush prevails in the background when the mother thinks that she might be mistaken as she has not yet seen the face of her son. Just when she turns to go back, she senses it yet again. And there appears our ‘black beauty’. Its like a ‘give me those dimples and I can rule the world’ look. The mother’s eyes glisten more than ever, now. SRK slants his head and acknowledges the sixth sense of the lady. “You knew it, didn’t you!” She applies sandalwood tilak on his forehead and welcomes him in the house cum humble abode cum ‘give me a break’ kind of a mansion. For those who haven’t yet seen the flick, click here to see what I mean.

I know, I know. You’re thinking, why did I recreate that visual for you? So here’s my point. That’s the kind of ‘welcome’ I expect every time I enter the kitchen to cook something. Alright, you may have a glass of water now. And I will wait while you do that.

Since the very kind hearted women in my family are aware of this, they keep sharing recipes that are quick and easy to prepare and at the same time are pure genius when it comes to ‘taste’. For this Valentine’s day, I have picked three very healthy and yummy recipes; mind you, tried and tested. Without fail, they will get you the desired accolades. Quite amazingly, whatever little time you will spend to prepare them will be truly worth it!

So here’s your chance to woo away your mom, dad, wifey, hubby, bro, sis and of course that special friend with your limited but fabulous culinary skills!

Recipe 1: The all ‘P’ soupa! The final product of this recipe has ‘love’ written all over it. It is thick, warm, yummy to the core and the best part is that I excelled it. And trust me, if I can make it, anyone can! So let’s get started; Ingredients: Pumpkin (1 bowl), Peas (1 cup), Onion (1 large), Garlic, Olive Oil, Water, Salt and Pepper. Yup, thats pretty much it! Process: heat a pan (preferable a cooker) and add in some olive oil. As the oil heats up, throw in some crushed garlic, well, the more the merrier. Experience the karmic fragrances that will rise from the vessel. As the garlic sizzles (before it gets too brown) add in the coarsely chopped onion. Toss it! By now you will start to feel like a real chef. Just as they get a bit translucent, put in the chopped pumpkin and whole peas. Add in salt and pepper, to taste. Add about one full glass of water and close the lid of the pan. Let it boil. If its a cooker, two whistles would be sufficient. Make sure the cooker whistles, not you. And once that is done, let the mixture cool off a bit. Then use a blender and mash it up. Do not strain it. Keep it a bit thick. You may garnish it with roasted peanuts or some parsley of you want. Thats it! This is my mom’s recipe and a ‘true winner’ in every sense of it.

Recipe 2: Cheese stuffed mushrooms. After I share this recipe, you must promise to try it, because when you do, you will surely thank me a million times, just like I thanked, Anupama, my sis-in-law for sharing this culinary secret. The recipe is a quintessential ‘protein shot’ that is sure to establish you as a ‘masterchef’. I am sharing a video that I referred to, while perfecting the art. Click here to watch. Special Tip: While serving, use a rustic wooden or stone tray. Drizzle in some extra virgin olive oil over the finished product to make sure it looks just as good as it tastes. And yeah, few twigs of chives or basil thrown around the mushrooms will literally make it a cover picture of a ‘fashion’ magazine.

Recipe 3: Quinoa meal bowl. This, I call as the ‘love bowl’. It is health and love thrown in together, with a myriad range of colours, for you to relish with your partner. And one can totally expect this recipe to come from none other that my sis-in-law, Divi. It is a visual delight, a healthy meal and above all, your romantic indulgence that comes sans guilt. It has three parts- hummus, salad and of course, quinoa. Salad- spring mix, rocket leaves, olive oil, ranch or any salad dressing, balsamic vinaigrette (very important) and pumpkin/sunflower seeds. Dried cranberry and croutons are optional. Quinoa- boil 1 cup quinoa with 1 teaspoon olive oil and 2 cups of water. Add salt to taste. You can also add sautéed vegetables (bell peppers, onions, broccoli) in olive oil and minced garlic. Top it with 2 spoons of hummus and sprinkle parmesan cheese for the extra oomph. Relish with your loved one!

Hope you would enjoy making these, as much as I did. Happy experimenting 🙂

Fifty Shades of Bewilderment!

For those of you who think this is a detailed book review….well, as much as my hands are itching to write that, I won’t spend time doing it. But for the ‘parched for feedback’ audience, here’s some thirst quencher to saviour before I get to the main point of this blog. And mind you, I haven’t even muddled it with mint or ginger or added lemon wedges. So, have fun!

The fifty shades series: The most unbearable set of books in terms of language, grammar and the choice of words. But, having said that, is it entertaining? Yes. Is it hot? Totally and a big “Yes”. Is it worth reading? Well, thats a bit debatable, if you ask me. Let’s just say that if you can get past all of the awful writing, it’s very enjoyable, for once. I admit that I read it cover to cover. Do not, however, mistake an enjoyable read for something ‘well written’, because this is NOT. It’s like “literary weed”. You know it’s bad for you, but you can’t stop. And though they say, don’t judge a book by its cover, but this set looks incredibly artistic and groovy on your home book rack! But that’s not the only reason why I bought them. And I am grinning now…

From past few years, I have been creating a ‘list’. This is a list of things that I would like to do, when I have all time in the world. Reading the three books of this series was one of them. And just when you thought I am about to give out the saucy details of my experience of reading the book and the impact that it had on me, I will try to very gently halt your train of thought. This is really about something even more interesting than reading these books.

Have you read the fifty shades series? Well, the right question is in fact not this. Have you tried to buy the fifty shades books from a book store? Again, no. Not an online one but a traditional brick and mortar one? If you have already done that, then you know exactly what I am going to talk about in this blog. And god forbid if you haven’t, then you can take a call, shortly after reading about my experience.

So what happens when you pick a copy of fifty shades in a bookstore? Here’s a sneak peek!

It was a fine winter afternoon when I entered a bookstore. I was experiencing a dry spell. Well, I meant in terms of reading. I had not picked up a book for the longest time that I could imagine, five months to be precise. So here I was in the smallest bookstore known to mankind, trying to find myself some kickass stuff to read. After browsing through a few books, I happened to pick ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ (the first part). “It’s a really nice book. You must read it” I heard a voice. I turned back to find a girl, somewhat in her early twenties, seated on a puffy near one of the hidden book racks, long open tresses, black cat eye glasses on her eyes. “Sorry?” I asked, making sure that she was talking to me and not to the oblivious shopkeeper. “Yes, this one. Real good. Oh I read it twice, you know.” Now thats why I don’t like dry spells. Come on guys, think straight for once! As a result of this, I ended up buying the book. Later on, when I read it, quite irritatingly, I kept imagining that girl (from the bookstore) to be the protagonist of the book.

So, to save myself from any more hallucinations, I bought the ‘Fifty Shades Darker’ (the second part) online. They had a deal on buying the second and third one together but I escaped the offer, thinking I might not really buy the next one. The reasons for buying the second one was….well, just to read. I guess. After reading the massive shit that this book had to offer, I vowed to never buy the third one, ever….not knowing that I was going to break this promise made to myself, very soon…just like I breach my diet every now and then.

One fine Sunday morning, I was out with family to satisfy the shopaholic in me and leverage all possible discounts on season closure. After some time, I entered a book store with my four year old kid and started to browse the shelves of activity books for children. Despite occasional howls and banter over fidget spinners by my son, I managed to pick three books for him. As I made my way to the billing counter….I saw it…

There it was, almost calling out to me. This time with reduced price by almost 60% and a hardbound cover to die for. In all its glory, this was ‘Fifty Shades Fred’ (the final one). To buy or not to buy, thy was the question. Before I could even reason it out with myself, I just picked up the mighty black swan and stacked it over the kids books that I had picked earlier. A lady in her mid sixties (I guess) watched me do that. “Oh you are reading this? Buying it for yourself, eh?” There was huge emphasis on “you” and yourself”, by the way. I gulped in a spit and answered “Yes”. She looked at my son, and then looked back at me. As if the awkwardness wasn’t enough, she asked me “so you read the others as well?”. Now, though it is an interesting perspective as to why a person will buy the last book of trilogy before reading the previous ones, I was again intrigued, not so much by the question but by the intent of the question. Call me crazy if you will but I said “Yes, I did”. I made it to the billing line closely followed by the lady.

Lo behold, the stares did not stop. By this time I was in two minds, contemplating whether to wait for the billing to be done or to just pick the book, hide my face and run out of the store. But then I remembered, I had my son with me. So I waited in the queue. Just then came the next question, “That’s your kid? Nice. So you enjoyed the first two of the books?”. Now, the juxtaposition of the two questions was pretty interesting, but I still didn’t take the hint. And I blurted “Yes. Thats my son. Yes, the books are fine. You planning to buy them too?” She seemed visually upset at my question. I continued “If you are, then there is a very good deal going on.” By that time, I made it to the billing counter.

She looked at the man at the counter and said “Did you hear that? She is asking me if I want to buy these books.”  This time the emphasis was on “I” and “these”. I was awestruck. For a few milliseconds, I did not even get the context. Frankly, I still don’t. The man at the counter mechanically replied “madam, we accept all credit cards and even paytm transfers, so in case you too wish to buy this set, it is available on an offer….” The lady bypassed me and kept the stack of her books on the billing table with a thud. She sternly looked up to the man and said “please bill these” and adjusted her glasses. All I could say at the moment was, “ma’m you were after me in the queue. But never mind.”

Television, my new best friend!

Television may not be an idiot box, after all. Although, some of the content in it may be. I won’t argue on that. Ever since I have been on a sabbatical, which is about a few weeks now, I have very constructively spent my time watching some “good television”. Oh yeah, to everyone’s surprise, I find this extremely “constructive”. For once, you could travel to different parts of the world, see the lives of varied kind of people and how they choose to live it and much more……all sitting in the comforts of your home.

Having mentioned “good television, I am not really taking about turning unfathomable bahus into “naagins”. Or still better, propagating child marriages and dancing around minors like shit head poppers. I think the ultimate one is really when the most vulnerable family member takes baffling avatars and turns into a possessed being who can only be cured by black clothed, unshaven, rudraksha decorated, trishul laden babajee; the guy who never bats an eyelid. The “babajee”, I must confess, looks way scarier than the possessed being, in almost all of them. No, not that stuff, for heaven’s sake! Spare your souls and stay away from it, I’d say.

So I picked up some recommended content from Netflix and amazon. Well, frankly, not everything I saw was fantastic. But yes, I did manage to come across few masterpieces. To my delight, they were bizarre, life changing, thought provoking and some of them even tasted better than my coffee! Now, you must know there are very little things that taste better than my coffee…and as much as you may want to read about it, I am not naming any of them here.

In this blog, I intend to share some of the “must watch” flicks. And don’t worry, I will come back to you with more ones, before you can extinguish these. Well, don’t watch them too quickly. Not one after the other. Each one of them needs a breathing space, just like many of us do. And that must be given. It’s just like smelling different perfumes. You need to take a break before you smell the next one, to really understand the notes. Or you may just smell some coffee in between. And there, I start about coffee once again….

Coming back to the point, so here are my top three recommendations:

  1. The Crown (TV Series): a historical drama television series, written by Peter Morgan and produced by Left Bank Pictures and Sony Pictures Television for Netflix, has grown on to become one of my favourite television series. The show is a biographical story about the reign of Queen Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom. What I probably like the best about the show is that it an unapologetic depiction of the greyness in each of its characters. The unabashed portrayal of the so very apparent dichotomy between what prevails and what is showcased, is clearly very fascinating. Two of the seasons are already out. I am done with watching them both, can’t wait for the next one!
  2. Revolutionary Road: a 2008 British-American romantic drama film directed by Sam Mendes. This is the second on-screen collaboration among Leonardo DiCaprio, Kate Winslet and Kathy Bates, who previously co-starred in Titanic. Besides the fact that it stars my favourite lead pair and that it has already earned various accolades, what really sets this movie apart is the “depth” of the story. A seemingly casual livelihood turns into a complex situation fuelled by invigorating desire to shake out of one’s routine. The intensity of the story may leave the viewers almost numb by the end of it, just as it did to me. This is a movie that one should watch alone. Everyone may have their own version of righteousness. Choose yours wisely 🙂
  3. Gone with the wind: Well, need I say more? a 1939 American epic historical romance film, adapted from Margaret Mitchell‘s 1936 novel of the same name. I really don’t want to talk about this epic. Its almost like trying to summarise a Mahabharata or a Ramayana in a couple of lines….not sure if I can do any justice to that. So, go ahead and watch it. I strongly recommend. The movie is lengthy but crazily addictive. It is one of the rarest beauties which is even better than the book that it is based on!

Happy tele-visioning, friends 😛